Faro is the capital of the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal. The Arch of the Neoclassic village of the city, is located on the site of a door that was part of the original Moorwall walls. The monumental arch leads to the old town, with its cobbled streets. Nearby is the cathedral of Faro, built in the 13th century.


The flavor of Faro

The site “Restaurants Faro “, gathers the best restaurants where you can enjoy your day with great food. We indicate where you can enjoy a brunch or even healthy, international, traditional food, tapas and snacks, street food and desserts.

Where to eat?

Faro unites the best restaurants and the better chef’s.


It consists of several traditional dishes, tapas, snacks, salads, hamburgers and desserts well to taste Portuguese. They are inspired by the Portuguese tradition, innovating flavors without losing the traditional authenticity.

Street Food

Street Food, in the new Yorkina strand. It contains a wide variety of hamburgers, puppies, sandwiches, quesadillas, artisan-style donuts. It is a space where you can enjoy a good artisan beer and at the same time eat a beautiful “gordice”.


Healthy food with plenty of variety. The Woods menu contains several salads, sandwiches and natural juices, prepared at the moment.



Guaka contains tacos, guacamole, fajitas, desserts with a touch of the Algarvian and traditional Mexican spicy dishes. The traditional margaritas are made at the moment.

What to visit?

Visit the wonderful places of Faro.

Boat tour of the islands
Living Science Center of the Algarve
Rua Comandante Francisco Manuel
Chapel of Bones
Igreja do Carmo
Igreja do Carmo
Cidade velha
Theatre of Figures
Rua João de Brito Vargas
Cathedral of Faro
Largo da Sé
Faro Dock